Secrets to Moving To Japan

Secrets to Moving To Japan: Employment, Life Experience, and Money!


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Japan has been called the “land of the rising sun,” and it is indeed one of the most popular places to live in Asia.

It’s a very safe country, with low rates of crimes and violent crimes.

Few people plan to move there permanently, but living in Japan can be an ideal opportunity for temporary work or retirement.

The cost of living in Japan is high as compared to other developed nations but is also cheaper than in Western countries.

But there are still many things you need to know before making your move.


You’ve decided that Japan is the place for you. You’ve decided on a big purchase, but you’re not sure where to go. In this section, we’ll look at what it takes to get started in Japan and some tips for getting settled.

Secrets to Moving To Japan


The very first thing a couple should consider is to know the importance of the location where they want to get settled.

Do some internet research and choose the economical area plus any market nearby. So that you don’t need to go far in a stranger city for your daily needs.

“No matter how nice your apartment is, if it’s in an inconvenient place, you’re going to hate living there.” Heidi (a resident who recently moved to Tachikawa with her boyfriend).


A frugal single person might live in Tokyo on about 1,103 USD a month (excluding rent); a single-bedroom apartment costs up to 2,200 USD, and a family of four can get by on about 3,984 USD a month (excluding rent), according to Numbeo. However, living costs vary a good deal, depending on lifestyle and accommodations.

Just get a comfortable apartment of your range and don’t overthink about making it beautiful. We have got your back in decorating your home with no money.

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Most people who move to Japan will do so for the career opportunities or the lifestyle benefits that come with living in a country with such a rich history and culture.

But whether you are going to live in Japan as a student, work there temporarily or permanently, or retire there, it is important to know that a college degree is not required to live or work in Japan. You just need to opt for any option mentioned below:

  • Apply for the Specified Skilled Worker Visa.
  • Attend a Japanese University.
  • Apply for a “Working Holiday”
  • Self-Sponsorship as an Investor or Business Manager.
  • Intra-Company Transfer.
  • Qualify for a Spousal Visa.


In Japan, the sales staff is the most demanding job. The sales staff includes sales manager, salesperson, sales representatives.

Japanese like to take these services from foreigners the most.


The six most popular reasons cited for moving to Japan are: a strong economy, Studying Japanese, working there as a foreign teacher or student, spending and saving, retiring to a warm climate, and living with a family with unique and creative people around.

It’s a big decision, but your future is dependent on it. The more you know now, the better prepared you’ll be when you finally arrive!

Moving to another country can be stressful, but having the right preparation and guidance will help you make the transition go smoothly.


Get used to speaking Japanese. It’s different—very, very different from English! You have to get used to explaining things to the people you live with once you get here.

Don’t go out looking for a random breakfast restaurant without planning first, because most probably you won’t find one. Japanese people don’t go out usually to do breakfast.

Japanese don’t shake hands, they bow. So, don’t get surprised if you see such a gesture by a Japanese.

Don’t leave tips on the table, they find it odd! Even they run after you if you forget your money behind.

Many public bathrooms do not provide tissues to dry your hands. Carry a small towel with you while going out.

Every region of Japan is specialized in its special food. Japan has the most selling dish which is called SUSHI. Many places sell Sushi for $1 a plate (2 pieces) and it’s really good.

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If you are Vegan, don’t worry. According to a 2014 survey (of only 1,188 people), 4.7 percent of the Japanese population are vegetarian or vegan. You can freely enjoy vegan tortillas wrap in the streets of Japan!

They’re also very respectful of their traditions, which is why you’ll see a lot of Japanese companies and brands that are run like a family. The Japanese value a sense of family and the bond between people.

Japan is a quite ritualistic country. If you’re not sure when to do in a given situation just watch others and copy.


Moving to Japan can be an amazing opportunity for any expat. With a growing economy, low cost of living, and lifestyle that is among the most exciting in the world, the country is opening up to foreign talent at an unprecedented rate.

If you have been thinking about relocating to Japan, then make sure you’re well prepared for the lifestyle changes that come with living there before you pack up and head there.

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